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Casa La Paloma is a private beachfront vacation rental in Troncones, Mexico.


Q: Is it safe?

A: Troncones is the kind of place where everyone looks out for one another. We leave all of the doors unlocked and walk into town at night without blinking an eye. It would be naïve to pretend there are no issues in the region whatsoever, but there are issues all over the world. US travel warnings are political propaganda designed to hurt the Mexican economy and induce fear in the American people. It is much safer to walk down the street at night in Troncones than it is in any major US city…

Q: How do I get there?

A: There are direct flights to the Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo airport from a variety of cities in the US and Canada (including Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Minneapolis, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal). There are also about five daily flights from Mexico City, making connections from many more North American airports readily available. From the airport it is about a 30 minute drive to Casa La Paloma via a rental car or a taxi service. Take Hwy 200 until the turnoff to Troncones. After about 3 miles, you will reach a T in the road. Go right for about ¾ mi. and Casa La Paloma will be on your left. There is also a bus terminal in Zihuatanejo with direct routes from nearby Mexican cities including Guadalajara, Mexico City, Morelia, and Acapulco.

Q: Can I bring pets?

A: Yes. Most pets are welcome. However the caretakers next door have a wonderful dog named Mandira who can sometimes be a bit territorial with other dogs.

Q: How’s the weather?

A: You won’t need a jacket or long pants! In the wintertime, highs are in the 80s and lows in the 70s with almost no precipitation. In the summertime highs are in the 90s and lows in the 80s, with increased humidity and occasional tropical storms.

Q: Is there parking?

A: Yes. We have capacity for 2 cars inside the gate and another 2 cars outside the gate if desired.

Q: How’s the surf?

A: During the summer, the waves are often very rough as storms hit the coastline. However in the winter, the beach in front is sandy and the ocean is a very inviting temperature of around 80 degrees. The waves are great for boogie boarding and body surfing, though they can occasionally get big. There can also be dangerous rip tides for inexperienced swimmers. Just like at any beach, it is important to respect the waves and only go out as far as you can stand if you don’t have a surfboard. For surfers, the water in front is a popular beach break with fast closeouts. For longer rides, there are point breaks nearby in Manzanillo Bay (5 min) and Saladita (20 min).

Q: Can I buy groceries in Troncones?

A: Yes. There are several small stores in the village that stock basic items such as eggs, fruit, cereal, beans and rice. There are two tortillerias in town as well as a fish truck and a chicken lady. For a complete supermarket, we recommend stopping at the Mega Soriana in Zihuatanejo.

Q: Should we tip the caretakers?

A: If you enjoyed your stay and felt like you were well taken care of, then yes!

Q: Are meals included?

A: Meals are not included, however Yesi is an incredible cook and loves cooking for guests at an extra cost which can be negotiated directly with her.

Q: Where does the name “Paloma” come from?

A: When we bought the property in 2001, it included a large old canoe carved from a single log that was being used as a big planter box.  The canoe’s name was faintly visible as ‘La Paloma.’ That canoe has long since disintegrated, but it was the inspiration for the naming of the property.  Additionally, paloma means dove in Spanish, which is a symbol of peace—appropriate for a locale such as Troncones.

Q: Is there recycling?

A: Yes, we recycle glass and aluminum.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: We encourage travel insurance.  Once we have accepted your reservation, we block off that time and cannot offer it to others.  We ask for a 50% deposit to reserve the casa with the balance due at or before arrival. In the event of a necessary cancellation, if we have at least 60 days notice, we will refund half of the deposit.

Q. Is there an ATM in Troncones?

A: Yes there is an ATM at one of the small grocery stores in town. Although it is convenient at times, we do not recommend relying on it, as it is often out of order or the store is closed. We recommend getting cash in Zihuatanejo upon arrival, either at the airport, or at one of the large grocery stores or banks.

Q: Is there air conditioning?

A: No, we have chosen not to include air conditioning. Instead, all of the rooms are open-air, with screen windows and plenty of ceiling fans. Due to their spaciousness, and a lack of direct sunlight, we find that the bedrooms stay relatively cool and it is more comfortable and environmentally friendly without air conditioning.

Q: Is there wifi?

A: Yes. There is one main wifi network with extensions that reach all of the bedrooms. Though it is reliable, the bandwith in Troncones is not the same as places you may be used to, so do not expect the same speed you would find at home.

Q: Can we drink the tap water?

A: No. For drinking and cooking we provide five gallon jugs of purified water. There are three of these water stations throughout the property. The tap water is fine for washing dishes and showering.

Q: What are check-in and check-out times?

A: Generally check-in is 3:00 p.m. and check out is 11:00 a.m.  With advance notice, other options may be arranged.