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Casa La Paloma is a private beachfront vacation rental in Troncones, Mexico.


By the pool, the two-level Casa Nueva houses two very spacious master bedrooms, along with the kitchen and dining area. Each of these bedrooms has a king size bed and a private bathroom. The bathrooms have double sinks and a separate room for the toilet. Both master bedrooms have a lot of shelves and storage space along with dimmable lights and multiple ceiling fans. 

The downstairs suite has a smaller bedroom attached with a twin bed. There is also a lounge space with a couch and a couple of chairs, where another person could sleep if necessary. The upstairs master opens out onto a huge balcony with panoramic ocean views. The sound system from the kitchen has a secondary zone with two speakers up on the balcony which can be turned on as desired.

Downstairs there is also a bathroom which is not connected to any of the bedrooms. This lovely “public” bathroom is perfect for anyone who is coming from the pool or any guests who may not want to pass through one of the bedrooms to use a bathroom.

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